Business Development And Market Analysis
We recognize the highly competitive and complex pharmaceutical environment in the MENA region and as a result we established our own specialized Scientific Business Unit (SBU).  Not only does the SBU continuously seek new opportunities and partnerships aligned with our portfolio strategy, but has the unique capability of executing a comprehensive market evaluation before commercialization. Our methodological research approaches are guided by a product’s scientific integrity, therapeutic impact, and most importantly, safety. This allows us to effectively evaluate potential market size and penetration in a highly systematic manner guided by optimizing return and focusing on fundamental therapeutic areas. The processes implemented by the SBU are dynamic allowing us to continuously evaluate new and existing products in the market and monitor competitor performance.
Regulatory Affairs And Registration
The MENA region generally lacks the harmonized regulatory framework that existed in Europe and North America. This heterogeneity in regulatory frameworks is a key challenge for many multinational organizations seeking to introduce their products into regional markets.  Our regulatory affairs department has the valuable experience and expertise to ensure accelerated and complete dossier compilation and product variation filing in each MENA country.  The dynamic professional relationships established with regulatory authorities throughout the region allow us to streamline the resolution of complex development issues. Part of our regulatory strategy is to optimize a product’s life cycle utilizing our unique experience to facilitate the 5 R’s of regulatory affairs: Regulations, Registration, Reporting, Record Keeping, and Readiness.
Marketing And Sales Activities
Our team is set on implementing marketing strategies to each local market guided by their multinational experience in the MENA region. Our solutions are modeled to forecast future sales throughout t the lifecycle of the product. Promotional effectiveness is optimized by continually developing new marketing strategies, evaluating potential new territories, and using our sales force to gather real-time data for sales forecast and management decisions. Our team’s aggressive marketing programs are fundamental for optimizing product penetration.
Current Markets
We serve the MENA region via our local offices or partnerships.BroadMed Current Markets