Bles (Surfactant)

Indicated for rescue treatment of Neonatal Distress Syndrome (NRDS / Hyaline Membrane Disease).


Ceruclear is an ear hygiene solution in a spray that gently cleans the outer ear canal, by rinsing and without using a cotton bud. Its formula, based on surfactants, softens and helps to dissolve earwax.
Used daily, Ceruclear helps to flush out impurities and prevent the build-up of wax.
Suitable for children from 6 months of age and for adults..


Dentibaby teething gel provides relief from pain for babies cutting their first teeth.

Dentibaby teething gel is all natural, alcohol and sugar-free, pediatrician tested and may be used as and when required.

Unimer Adult Hypertonic 2.8%

UNIMER ADULT HYPERTONIC 2.8% is a natural hypertonic seawater solution enriched in copper and manganese which clears nasal congestion, decreases the viscosity of the mucus and removes secretions through natural osmosis.
UNIMER ADULT HYPERTONIC 2.8% is recommended for children aged 6 and above and can be used:
•To cleanse the nasal passages
•To decongest blocked noses, especially with acute rhinopharyngitis, acute rhinitis and allergic rhinitis
•To protect the nose against pathogenic secretions
•To decrease the viscosity of the mucus and remove secretions

Unimer Pediatric Hypertonic 2.1%

Seawater naturally rich in minerals salts and trace elements, UNIMER PEDIATRIC HYPERTONIC 2.2% removes mucus, decongests the nose and improves nasal permeability through osmosis.
• To cleanse the nasal passages
• To decongest blocked noses, especially with colds, chronic rhinosinusitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis
• To maximize the effectiveness of local medication for infections or allergies.

Unimer Pediatric Isotonic 0.9%

UNIMER PEDIATRIC ISOTONIC 0.9% is a microbiologically-controlled isotonic seawater solution.
• To ensure effective nasal hygiene
• To encourage prevention of rhino-pharyngeal infections
• To remove mucus and unblock the nose during colds
• To ensure protection of the nasal mucosa against attacks (cold, pollution, dust, pollen...)

Unimer Unidose 0.9%

UNIMER BABY is a preservative- free, sterile non-injectable physiological saline solution. Available in single-doses, UNIMER BABY is safe, hygienic and easy to use.
UNIMER BABY saline solution is recommended for babies, children, and adults:
• For nasal hygiene: to rinse or cleanse dry or stuffed up noses
• For ocular hygiene: as an eyewash or bath to cleanse the eyes
• For cleansing wounds


DERMABABY LINIMYL is a cleansing, protective lotion that helps prevent nappy rash.
Its natural formula, made with cold-pressed olive oil and calcium hydroxide solution has protective, nourishing and soothing properties. When used at each nappy change, this lotion leaves a protective layer that effectively protects the baby's skin and prevents redness.
Aluminium salt-free, preservative-free and fragrance-free stabilised formula. Tested under paediatric and dermatological supervision. Hypoallergenic formula

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